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Director: Mr Peter Kuskie

Peter Kuskie has been the driving force behind South East Archaeology for the past 20 years.  Under Peter's guidance, the firm has assisted over 100 clients in four states and two territories of Australia and grown to become a leading provider of consulting services in Aboriginal heritage and archaeology.

Peter has an outstanding track record in producing reports that comply with OEH and Department of Planning and Infrastructure standards and assisting clients in obtaining Development Approvals in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Projects completed to date have involved surface surveys, test excavations, salvage collections and excavations, indigenous and non-indigenous heritage components of Environmental Impact Statements, OEH Section 90 Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit applications and Part 3A and Part 4 State Significant Development applications, Aboriginal community consultation and monitoring of construction. 

Peter's clients have included leading Australian and international mining, infrastructure, environmental management and engineering firms, governments and government agencies, Aboriginal organisations and developers of residential, tourism, extractive industry, landfill, telecommunications and pipeline projects.

Peter is a graduate of the Australian National University in Aboriginal archaeology and holds a BA (Honours) degree and over 20 years experience.  Peter is a Member of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists.

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Professional Assistants:

South East Archaeology regularly engages and has access to the expertise of a range of professionals in various fields, including non-indigenous heritage, geomorphology, history and anthropology.  South East Archaeology is capable of organising a competent, multi-disciplinary team for major projects, including stone tool analysts and qualified, experienced archaeological field assistants. 

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